Our Policy

Human Resources Strategic Management Policy aims at catching high standards in personal behaviour and performance for maintenance of business in line with main values of Tayaş and, in this line, sets its Main;

- entrepreneurship spirit
- integrity and honesty
- social responsibility

With recognition of the necessity of company profitability in general for maintenance of business, Tayaş holds it as its task to create long-lasting and permanent value for its customers, shareholders, employees and society alike. Tayaş focuses its effects on success of its customers, determining its responsibilities as follows:

- Provides the customers with excellent product and service in terms of price, quality, health, safety and environment sensitivity,
- Meets the expectations of the investors to ensure return on investment for the shareholders,
- Creates an attractive job environment for the employees, giving heed to suitability of recruitment and promotion with position,
- Encourages the employees for maintenance of their personal and professional improvement, and provides safe and healthy working conditions
- Prevents all kinds of harassment and avoids of child labour.

Tayaş is determined to perform its activities by fulfilling its responsibilities against the society; complies with the applicable laws of the country in which it operates in accordance with its commitment to constant development; supports human rights in line with the labour law and shows required care and sensitivity to the issues of health, safety and environment.

Tayaş adopts integrity, honesty and fairness in the business life. Bribery and other unethical acts are definitely forbidden. Tayaş supports social activities and gives opportunity to its employees to take active role in the social events.

Tayaş recognizes that the employees are the most valuable asset of the company and it is, therefore, aware that success of the company depends on efficient use of these resources. Human Resources Policy has been established in the following mode in accordance with the share values and Company Policy that reflects corporate culture of Tayaş.

Shared Values of Tayaş;
- Honesty is our principle.
- Our activities are reliable.
- Social values are our guide.
- Employees are our most important resource.

Tayaş recognizes that path to success is built by a systematic and corporate management and full understanding and implementation of Policy, Procedures and Rules by all employees.

It has, therefore, aimed at establishing Policy, Procedures and Rules to guide the company management and employees for achievement of the following goals:

- Transparency and easiness in the management
- Conduct of all activities in a planned and systematic way
- Stability in the management and prevention of chaos
- Maintenance of legal ground in the management