Selection and Placement

It is our primary priority to employ the most suitable candidates to adapt well to values and innovative nature of Tayaş Gıda. In the hiring process, the candidates are assessed in term of a great number of functional and basic competence such as loyalty to company, honesty, respect, academic level, professional knowledge and experience, as foreign language skills depending on requirements of the position, time management skills, result-orientation, analytical thinking capability.

Competence Based Interview is applied for the candidates invited for interview by Human Resources by phone. Candidates found positive in the first interview are accepted for Technical Interview by the executive to whom the position is attached. And the candidates who are also deemed proper after the Technical Interview are subject to Personality Inventory.

For employees, who have passed through all processes successfully and hired, a comprehensive Orientation Training is given, consisting of on-the-job training in connection with Organizational Structure, Employment Principles, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health and Hygiene.